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CV Format, Get it Right, Get the Job


 Your cv format is the very first thing people see when

applying for a vacancy.

Your cv format should be easily read and be able to deliver what you are

all about

You need to make sure that firstly all the necessary information is supplied but also that it looks professional. There are thousands of different cv format on the internet these days so it’s really inexcusable to submit a poor cv. Get one that's right for your situation.

Don't rush it, make some notes on what you would like the cv format to look like and then go and search for something that looks good. The effort will pay off when you land that dream job.


cv format

 When choosing a cv format there a few things you need to consider

  •  Does the format go with the kind of position that I am applying for? In other words if you are applying for an accounting position you would not use a cv format that is brightly colored and has flashy graphics all over it. You also wouldn't want something that's so plain and boring it ends up in the trash before it's ever looked at.


  • Take some time to think about what kind of image you want to portray in your cv format. Look for a cv format that gets the right message across. Forget about what you think, think about what the company might be looking for and give them that.


  •  Think about what info the company requires and then try and match a cv format to this. Remember too much info can be as bad as not supplying enough.  Also don't waffle on about your personal life, these people are busy and are really only looking for the facts about your career.


  •  The person screening all the incoming cv’s has a huge task, so why not make it easy for them to choose yours over all the others. Be short, sharp and to the point, don’t go on about things that have nothing to do with what they are asking for.


  • Make sure the format isn't too long, these people just want the facts, and the shorter the better. However don't leave anything out that should be there.


These a just few things you need to take into consideration, take a look around you will find loads of tips and advice. Thanks for stopping by cv format and good luck