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Cover Page For Curriculum Vitae

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Tips for Writing a Job-winning Cover Letter

When applying for a job, two documents are most commonly requested: a cover letter and the curriculum vitae. Other documents may be requested, but these two are always at the top of the list.

It is a common misconception by most job hunters that cover letters do not hold as much importance to employers' eyes as the curriculum vitae does. The reason for this may be rooted to the fact that comprehensive technical, personal and educational background about an applicant can be found in the curriculum vitae. That could be the reason why people spend more time building up their curriculum vitae, or resume, and delegate only a piece of their time to writing a good cover letter.

However, that line of thinking has its flaws. The people at the human resource department actually look at a person's cover letter when determining which applications would be short listed for an appointment and a job interview. When a person's cover letter is deemed unsatisfactory, it is most likely sent to the paper shredder and your application is lost, your chances of employment at the said company gone to dust.

Hence, there is the need to come up with a spectacular cover letter to grace your resume. How can you make the cover letter that will bring you the job that you are looking for? Here are some tips.

The Cover Letter Should Be Effective at Attention-Grabbing

Cover letters should get the reviewer's attention. That's the number 1 rule when writing a cover letter. Do not be too generic and rely on sample application letters that you can find on the World Wide Web. You can use these samples as a template or a reference, but you should take the time to edit them or even revamp them to make them more relevant to the job position you are applying for, and to eliminate possible grammatical and spelling errors. This will enhance the image of professionalism that you are conveying to the potential employer.

The Cover Letter Should Be Specific about Your Interest in the Company

This means that when you are writing a cover letter, the letter should convey your intention: to apply for work. State the position that you are applying for, and a brief yet definitive background as to why the company should consider you for the job. Do not waste valuable space outlining how you qualify; a brief educational background or job experience will do. You should also display passable knowledge about the company background to show that you have been so interested that you have conducted research into the firm.

Follow Proper Structure

Here is the classic structure that people should follow when writing their cover letters:

a First paragraph contains your introduction. This is where you announce your intent to try and apply for a position in the firm.
a The second paragraph serves as a support for the first. Here, you put in your past qualifications for the position.
a The final paragraph should convey your interest for the position. This is where you explain and display your interest in the company.

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cover page for curriculum vitae

cover page for curriculum vitae

cover page for curriculum vitae

cover page for curriculum vitae cover page for curriculum vitae cover page for curriculum vitae

3 Responses to Cover Page For Curriculum Vitae

  1. coreanchick15

    What kind of paper to use for application materials for a PhD program?
    I am applying for a PhD program and getting ready to send in my application materials to the department. What kind of paper should I use to print off my application materials? The application materials include: curriculum vitae, short answer questions, application essay, and a writing sample. I will also be sending a cover letter to accompany my application materials. My writing sample is way too long to be printed on resume paper (35 pages) so it will be on regular printer paper. I am not sure what type of paper to use for the other items. Any suggestions?

    • Tangent

      White printer paper? Who cares? I know applying to PhD programs that you are worrying about all the tiny details, but it generally does not matter. The admissions committees look at the big picture and will ignore small errors or the wrong paper if you are a good applicant. I spelled the name of the university I currently attend on my statement of purpose in a few places and no one noticed, or if they did they didn’t care. I thought most PhD apps were online now, but if you have to mail it in don’t worry about the type of paper, unless you were thinking brightly colored paper, then maybe rethink :-) Good luck!

  2. Yurii

    Please check a short paragraph in English?
    Hi. I’m learning English at a college; I’ve got a home task to translate a short piece of text. Please fix the grammar mistakes or style errors. Here’s the text:

    Mark is a civil engineer. He was looking for a more highly paid job when suddenly he saw an advertisement in situations vacant pages column. It was a high-qualified engineer with solid experience in building post. After analyzing his chances of success Mark decided to apply for the post in that company. He composed curriculum vitae, conveyed all needed facts and sent it with a covering letter attached. He attempted to show the extent of his interest in that job and the company and took a try to display that he is just the man they were looking for. Mark understood that he would have to rival with many other applicants for that job, therefore he had girded up his loins for the interview. The company picked over three candidates amongst whom Mark was. During the interview he appeared to be a skilled specialist knowing his onions.
    Or maybe some phrases could be written better?

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