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How Recruitment Agencies Can Help Your Job Hunt

If you've been looking for a job and find yourself having a hard time, it may be time for a recruitment consultancy.

What can a recruitment agency do for you that you can't do on your own?

Help with paperwork.

One thing a recruitment consultancy will accomplish is having a look at your CV. While this is initially for the purpose of learning about your employment and academic history, a good agency will point out any flaws in your CV and make suggestions about making yourself look more marketable.

Get your name out there.

The biggest benefit of using a recruitment agency is that you will have exposure to many jobs at one time. Not only that, but the recruitment agency will specifically recommend you for jobs that would allow you to properly use your strong points in a professional setting.

Job search tips and guidance.

If you're not sure how you should go about finding employment, or you are unsure about your desired career path, the agency will be able to help you better define your career goals. An agency will look at your CV and determine jobs for which you are currently qualified. If you desire to change your career path, an agency may suggest education or experience that will be necessary to do so.

One thing to remember when looking for employment through a recruitment agency is to register with several, not just one or two. Find all of the agencies in the area, especially ones that specialise in your area of expertise. Call ahead; while some agencies will allow people to walk-in and register, most prefer to set up an appointment so that a full consultation can be done.

You can use the Internet to research agencies before contacting, both to see if they provide the services you need and to find past reviews of other people who have tried to find employment through the agency. You can get an idea of the tone of the agency through your phone call. There is no need to continue with an agency that has left a negative impression on you, as they likely will not help further your job search anyway.

If you find that you do not like the agency with which you are working, you should be sure to ask them to remove you from their available candidates. Otherwise, you will continue receiving calls about potential positions through the agency.

About the author: If you're job hunting, why not consider using a recruitment consultancy to advise you on career decisions and opportunities.

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cv outlay

cv outlay

cv outlay

cv outlay cv outlay cv outlay

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