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Executive Cv Examples

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Writing Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) Accomplishment Record Narratives


Similar to qualifications statements, the key to a well-written accomplishment record narrative is to give readers specific information about your achievements. Be sure to include any professional and volunteer experience, education, training, and awards that demonstrate your possession of a particular competency.

Follow the instructions in the vacancy announcement carefully when preparing your Accomplishment Record narrative. Typically, the following approach should work well when describing your accomplishments. If you need SES Services and expert help, it's only a click away

Challenge-Context-Action-Result Model with Verification

An accomplishment record narrative may include one or more examples of relevant experience. An agency may limit the number of accomplishments addressed for each competency. Applicants should review the vacancy announcement for any applicable limits. Keep in mind that the QRB is looking for specific challenges, actions, and results. (Please see the examples on pages 23 - 26.)

Challenge. Describe a specific problem or goal.

Context. Talk about the individuals and groups you worked with, and/or the environment in which you worked, to tackle a particular challenge (e.g., clients, co-workers, members of Congress, shrinking budget, low morale).

Action. Discuss the specific actions you took to address a challenge.

Result. Give specific examples of the results of your actions. These accomplishments demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of your leadership skills.

Verification. Following the instructions in the vacancy announcement, provide the name, telephone number, and email address of an individual who can verify the information in your narrative. Be sure to indicate whether this person was your supervisor, co-worker, friend, instructor, chairman of committee, etc. If you do not want your current employer contacted, do not list your employer as a verifying person. Instead, provide the name of another person who can verify your accomplishment. You should not use a spouse or close relative (father, mother, etc.) or a person who is presently a direct subordinate as a verifier. The verifier should be reachable within a reasonable period.

Other Suggestions

a Ensure your experience matches the competency.

a Avoid the error of choosing meritorious accomplishments that do not clearly reflect the intended competency. Accomplishments that are not closely representative of the appropriate competency tend to receive less credit than accomplishments that better represent the competency of interest.

a Spell out all acronyms.

a Include awards that relate specifically to a competency.

a Quantify your accomplishments.

About the author: Federal Government consultant, former SeEnior Executive and Chief Information Officer for the National Labor Rrelations Board (NLRB).

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executive cv examples

executive cv examples

executive cv examples

executive cv examples executive cv examples executive cv examples

4 Responses to Executive Cv Examples

  1. Diaci

    I am trying to fill out my CV and have few things open. I’m not sure what to put in my “profile” section and ?
    in the experience one. I want to give this CV to few bookstores and maybe libraries. The education and key achievements are my own, but the other sections are filled with examples. I’ve worked in a movie theatre for 2 years, and was promoted to a crew leader, and I also worked as a desk assistant. Don’t know if a bookstore would necessarily want that experience. (section after contact info and section that starts with 2004 is the ones that i’m having a bit of a problem with; not my stuff there)… This is my CV so far:

    Diana Cepsyte

    33/5 Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh, EH7 5EF
    Mobile: 07505-608851 email:

    •A highly competent digital and litho sales person
    •Over six years of experience selling complex print to major accounts
    •Excellent performance against sales targets
    •A proven problem solver and team-player

    •Elected as an SRC (Student Representative Council) for EUSA (Edinburgh University Student Association)
    •A Class Representative for English Department
    •An NUS (National Union of Students) Representative for EUSA
    •Elected member for Sigma Tau Delta, an International English Honor Society
    •A recipient of a Certificate of Excellence for Southern Illinois University
    •A recipient of a Certificate of Achievement for Service Learning Program from College of Dupage

    2004-PresentPrint Sales Executive
    Company A

    Generate new business in mid-market and major accounts aimed at all vertical markets

    •Exceeded all sales targets on an annual basis
    •Won 56 major accounts and 78 mid-market accounts from competitors
    •Negotiated and won three year contract to supply over £1,200,000 of print to one new client.
    •Built solid relationships with customers resulting in repeat business from over 78% of them

    2008 Edinburgh University
    New Zealand Film and Literature
    Philosophy of Religion
    Philosophy of Psychology
    2007-2008 Southern Illinois University Carbondale
    Creative Writing
    British Literature
    U.S. Literature
    Ancient Philosophy
    Women in Visual Arts
    African American Art
    2005-2007 College of Dupage
    Novel (Honours)

    Available on request

    • PandaNanda

      Do yourself a favour – take away your address phone number and e-mail address- you really do not want to have your identity stolen or start getting solicited with unwanted mail/ phone calls and e-mails.
      Your profile – what are you like – are you a highly skilled, good communicator, team player?
      If you say proven track record – can you offer proof?
      Leave all that you have done in – but put in a section as to why you would like a career change – this would explain the reason as to why you want to go sideways into a different field to what you are doing now.
      Good reference contacts should be available as well (name only – rest can be given on request)
      I do not include my profile in – I started with my education (last main study period to schooling) and then for each job/ function – I mention the core competencies that allow me to do the job.
      I also include really good web site links that can guide you a bit

  2. tomorrow never dies

    May any one give some good examples and suggestions of “career objective statements” to be added to my CV?
    I am applying for two posts at a Potroluim Company. the first is “Executive Secretary”. the second post is “Human Resources Assistants”. I need some attractive examples of Career Objective for both of the above post. I would be really thankful if sb offers help.

    • John S

      Executive Secretary is like jade-of all trades. So you can say that you are experienced and are able to deal with the daily routine, which you used to do in somewhere else and so familiar with. Human Resources Assistants is something like the former. You can say that you can handle both of them due to your experience. You can find an online job that requires not much. A lot of people have an online job. Good Luck.

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