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Job Cv Format

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Why your CV is the most important step towards netting a great job

Wkipedia defines a Curriculum Vitae (CV) as: Curriculum vitae (CV) provides an overview of a person's life and qualifications. The CV is typically the first item that a potentialemployer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment.

Various surveys show that employers form a first opinion about a person with the first few seconds of reading his CV!

Clearly, a CV is your first opportunity to impress a prospective employer and definitely the LAST before you are called for an interview! A CV today, is more than a depiction of the 'course of life' and is regarded more as your Professional Profile!

So, what are the best practices one should consider, while creating an impactful CV or a Professional Profile?

The answer to this question lies in answering many more questions to yourself (keep yourself in the shoes of an employer and think what are his information needs)

1. What are your areas of expertise that are relevant for this organization and the position.

2. What have been your measurable achievements that have relevance in this organization.

3. What is your career objective? (Demonstrate that over the years, you have been trending closer to achieving your objective- though acquisition of new skills, managing larger teams, managing complex work areas etc. Be sure that your career objectives are in consonance with the job description in this organization)

4. Present verifiable facts and sources wherever possible.

5. Qualifications and Certifications-

6. Correct grammar, no spelling errorsand concise format (restrict in 2 pages preferably, add more pages as appendix if need be)

Follow the above best practices and rest assured you will be able to impress a prospective employer in no time and can get a job in your desired field.

About the author: Author helps to you to prepare a impressive CV and advice you to find best jobs in India.

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job cv format

job cv format

job cv format

job cv format job cv format job cv format

6 Responses to Job Cv Format

  1. Jana K

    if any one have good CV format for job & covering letter, please send to me?
    i am fresh job applicant. if you have a good CV format & covering letter please send to me.

    • fsurbulan

      send me ur where abouts & I will prepare both for u

  2. Zypheretta

    I want to know how much and in what way does a CV format matters when it comes to searching a job?
    My husband is a qualified and experienced audio engineer.But we just don’t have an idea that shall we make a proper CV format to apply in good places or it just doesn’t matter how your CV is as long as you have a good experience?

    • paanbahar

      Sites like Manpower , Monster and have good resume formats and also places where you can apply by particular field of expertise.

      another way is to join LinkedIn and join a particular group or chapter for your husband’s profession. That leads to network and these places have job openings related to that field.


    if you are looking for a job outside your country, should you use the resume/cv format that country prefers?
    for instance, say youre from england and wanted a job in the us. would you use the standard us resume format or a cv?

    • Ed Atun

      No. All the employer wants to know is where you went to school, what job experience you have, and a few notes about you personally. That information translates everywhere you go. Keep it simple.

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