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Job Seeker In Dubai

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job seeker in dubai

job seeker in dubai

job seeker in dubai

job seeker in dubai

job seeker in dubai job seeker in dubai job seeker in dubai

10 Responses to Job Seeker In Dubai

  1. nitin

    how to get a job in management in dubai from India besides going there?
    do job portals help in and one should be a paid clint to any job portal? if yes then which one?please give a proper response.

    • H

      If you are willing to pay for any recruitment agency you are a potential victim of a scam. Regarding UAE Law all hiring costs have to be paid by the employer. Means – recruitment agancies located in the UAE are not allowed to take any fees from job seekers. But – there are many agencies located in foreign countries which offer not existing jobs in the UAE and will charge you.

      Please visit the link giving below:

      All the best.

  2. lei

    what are the common interview questions asked by the immigration when you enter to dubai?
    I am very excited to come to Dubai but for some reasons i am terrified that i may fail the immigration interview.

    • papars

      With due respect to what other answerers have said. Yes, you can be questioned by the immigration officer processing your entry into Dubai. This depends mainly upon your nationality and the visa on which you are entering the UAE.

      If you are on a work visa or on a visit visa sponsored by a relative, there will be no questions. Details about your entry will be available to the officer, on his PC.

      However, if you are entering the UAE on a visa-on-arrival, you might be asked the purpose of your visit, proof of adequate funds, proof of accommodation during your stay and a confirmed, return or onward ticket to fly out of Dubai and UAE. The same applies if your visa has been bought from a hotel or a tour agency.

      The visa-on-arrival facility is not available to all nationalities and all professions. There are over 100 professions that qualify for visa-on-arrival, provided they are residents of another GCC state such as Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

      The reasons for which you might get questioned is Dubai attracts hundreds of job seekers everyday and there is a problem of people overstaying their visit visas since they have no funds or assistance to return home. You are more prone to being questioned if you come from a major manpower exporting country such as Iran, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria.

      A female visitor from East Europe, Russia and the CIS states as well as China and Turkey can expect rigorous questioning since some of them indulge in prostitution in Dubai.

  3. timtum

    Terms and Conditions between Recruiting services Manpower and Client company Here in Dubai UAE?
    Hi. My boss is planning to open a new company here in dubai, Its called The Manpower Recruitment Services. He is asking me to send him an email regarding the terms and conditions of my services for our client. Pls. Help me, what should i say? i don’t have experience. This is my first time.

    • H

      Do you expect somebody else doing the job YOU are getting paid for? Sorry- this kind of service doesn’t come for free. It’s called work and requires a payment.

      How do you plan to offer your service and plan to satisfy customers and clients when even not knowing terms and conditions of doing so?

      The name MANPOWER for recruitment service exists already. If copying the same is like cheating on future clients making it seem to be the original company MANPOWER. Maybe you should copy their terms and conditions because at least when run by Europeans this company doesn’t cheat on job seekers.
      Otherwise just go by the UAE Labour Law.

      One condition also could be to hire experienced staff only who know how to do the job:)

  4. vashi

    How do I go about trying to get work as a physiotherapist in Dubai?
    I’m a bit confused as to how I should go about it – do I have to register with the DHA first, or find a job first?

    • H

      When searching for a suitable job opening you’ll find hospitals who require applicants having passed the exam already and others who are interested in you will send you to sit the exam and hire you after passing the same. Hospitals looking for staff passing the exam already are looking for employees working in the UAE already.

      No job seeker is coming here to take the exam without having an offer. You apply and when passing the exam you will get hired. Same applies to nurses, docs, pharmacists, etc.

  5. Suresh

    How to get job in dubai i am from chennai?
    Hi guys i am doing M.C.A going to finish within a year and i am planning to go dubai to work. So is it easy to Job over-there. please give me a tips to get job there.

    • H

      Gulf countries want to benefit from foreign workforce experience and not training them. Therefore most companies require experience and only companies taking advantage of Asian job seekers hire beginners by offering an awful low salary.

      Get some years of experience in your field first to negotiate an attractive salary package. Otherwise you may end up in misery,

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